Riverview Ranch & Resort

Horse Ranch and petting farm

The Many Hats of Wrangler Roger

Wrangler Roger is the face of Riverview Ranch. He handles the scheduling and coordination of horseback riding/petting zoo experiences and handles the day to day issues of the vacation rental business. Visitors and Guests will talk to Wrangler Roger most of the time. But he wears, and has worn, many hats.

Roger used to be a fighter pillot, an airlinep pilot, flight instructor, a charter pilot, a volunteer firefighter, and a REALTOR. He no longer wears those hats. Instead, he now wears the hats of Riverview Ranch and Resort:

Handyman Roger is out and about a lot. You will probably see him fixing a fence, repairing a hole in a wall, fixing a plumbing leak or fixing something the horses just broke. The horses break a lot of stuff. Wrangler Roger is often upset with Handyman Roger because he seems to always be "too busy" to take on another new project and he forgets to close gates.

Janitor Roger is a bit lazy, so Sabina has to do most of the cleaning up around the ranch. You may see him putzing around with a broom in his hand occassionally, or casually washing out a water bucket.

Crooner Roger likes to spend his time playing guitar, singing, and telling stories around campfires. He never gets anything done, but he is a fun-loving fella who will play, sing, and tell stories for guests if he is asked.

Redneck Roger maintains, operates, and modifies all the equipment on the ranch. He gets odd pleasure out of digging in the dirt and tearing things up with his skid steer and his 1967 International Harvester Farmall 706 tractor.

Riverboat Roger is around during summer months to help folks launch on the river in our canoe or kayaks. If you ask him to help around the ranch he always seems to have just stepped on a pop top or "can't help right now" because he is "looking for his shaker of salt," but he is always up for a boat ride. He normally winters in Florida.

Winter Wrangler Wroger takes care of the animals when the other Rogers are curled up in a warm bed covered in five blankets. He migrates north in spring and returns with the golden leaves.

All of these Rogers answer to "Mr. Roger."
Welcome to Mr. Rogers' Ranch and Resort.
Won't you be our neighbor?

Petting Farm
Roger Ramjet strikes a dramatic pose with the AV8-B Harrier he flew in the U.S. Marines.

Petting Farm
Fire Fighter Roger. Platteville Wisconsin Fire Dept.

Petting Farm
Realtor Roger's old business card

Petting Farm
Wrangler Roger gives instruction on how to lead a horse safely.

Petting Farm
Redneck Roger shows off his tractor.

Petting Farm
Redneck Roger shows off his beautiful wife, Sabina.

Petting Farm
Riverboat Roger on Beach Island

Petting Farm
Crooner Roger sings a campfire song.

Petting Farm
Winter Wrangler Wroger gets a kiss from Petunia.

Petting Farm
Badass Roger - just after someone knocked his hat off his head, and just before that dude's trip to the hospital. Roger's call sign as a Marine fighter pilot was "Sugar Ray."