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Pricing, Options, and FAQs
Max capacity of canoe (people): 695 lbs.
Max capacity of canoe (total weight including equipment): 775 lbs.
Max number of people in canoe: 5 persons
Max capacity of kayak: 250 lbs

We have one canoe and two kayaks available for rent.

The area is beautiful and secluded

Waters are slow moving and full of fish, water fowl and other animals. This area of the Mississippi has numerous waterways winding around pristine islands. Not many boats come to this area so it is very private. Other boaters tend to stay more on the main channel. Petting Farm

Petting Farm

Petting Farm

This is a 3 minute video of a canoe trip with Riverboat Roger.
Map of the local river area
Map of the larger river area up to Galena River
Handbook of Illinois Boating Laws and Responsibilities.
We provide life vests and whistles.

To check the river water level go to Water.Weather.Gov and hover over the Bellvue IA green dot.

Beach Island

About one mile away in slow moving waters. The beach overlooks the main channel of the Mississippi river.

Petting Farm

Petting Farm

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