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What is there to do around Riverview Ranch n Resort?

Riverview Ranch n Resort is a unique place to relax, and an enchanting place to explore.


There are a lot of great nearby restaurants. Food Critic Roger's Local Restaurant Recommendations.


Piggly Wiggly Grocery store is 15 minutes north at 997 Galena Square Dr, Galena, IL 61036.

Walmart Supercenter is 17 minutes north at 10000 Bartell Blvd, Galena, IL 61036.

Snow Skiing

Chestnut Mountain ski resort is 7 minutes south at 8700 W. Chestnut Mountain Rd Galena, IL 61036.

Hike, Jog, or Bike along River Road:

River road is a great place for walking, jogging, bicycling, bird watching and sight-seeing. From the ranch go south on River Road for a shady stroll under a canopy of trees along steep rock cliffs. Pick wildflowers, mulberries and raspberries along the way to Chestnut Mountain Ski Resort. Catch the ski lift to enjoy lunch at Chestnut Mountain's restaurant, or enjoy a beautiful sunset view of the water from at Chestnut Mountain's pier. (20 minute walk from the ranch).
Go north on River road for a walk through open fields, view an eagle's nest, put your toes in sandy banks of the Mississippi river. (12 minute walk to kayak/canoe launch site , 20 minute walk to the eagle's nest). Guests may borrow our binoculars for birdwatching trips.

Chestnut Mountain has a beautiful overlook park 7 minutes drive south at 42.32301188068253, -90.39901968329777; (map); enjoy a picnic lunch with an amazing view of the Mississippi river while birds soar beneath you. Galena Dude Ranch & Farm Stay

In summer ride Chestnut's Alpine Slide.
The city center of Galena is a 10 minute drive away. Click here for other area attractions and events.

Galena was named one of the best midwest small town for getaways. Galena was named the best main street in America by Fodors.
A five minute drive away is Horshoe Mound Preserve where you can take a challenging half-mile hike on Horshoe Loop Trail.
Also a five minute drive to Thunderbay Waterfall.
0.7 miles away is Winston Tunnel State Natural Area. This is 230 acres of trails. "Area closed to non-hunters during deer firearm seasons (Youth, Firearm, CWD and Muzzleloader) and until 1:00 PM during turkey firearm seasons (Youth and Spring)." There are dates that this is only available to licensed hunters. More info: Hunter fact sheet, DNR Map, Satellite Map,
About 4 miles away is Witkowsky State Fish Wildlife Area. This is 1,086 acres of trails and wilderness, filled with wildlife.
About 3 miles away is the entrance to Casper Bluff Land and Water Preserve. A scenic walk will take you to a 1,000 year old Thunderbird effigy.


Hunting Regulations. Hunting/Fishing Licenses.

Illinois Veterans who served abroad are eligible to purchase hunting and fishing licenses at one-half the normal fee. Click Here for more info. Hunting/Fishing Licenses.
See www.ifishillinois.org.
7 miles north is the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.
7 miles north is the Ulysses S. Grant Home State Historical Site. Across the river from Grant's home is the Galena & U.S. Grant Museum.
12 miles southeast are two wineries: Rocky Waters Vinyard & Winery and Fergedaboudit Vinyard & Winery
12 miles southeast is Wapello Land and Water Reserve.
21 miles east is Valley of Eden Bird Sanctuary. More info here.

Make Homemade Ice Cream

Make homemade ice cream using your own ingredients and our homemade ice cream maker.

Other things to do in the area.

Horseback Riding and Petting Zoo

Horseback riding and petting zoo Easy, Slow Beginner Rides. We have a petting zoo, which includes horses, a mini horse, mini-pigs, goats, dogs, chickens, ducks, guinea pigs and turtles.


Galena Dude Ranch & Farm Stay We have two kayaks and a large canoe for rent. Interesting islands, and amazing flora and fauna make for great boating in slow moving waters. Less than a mile north of us is a stretch of beach with a boat launch site on the Mississippi river. We deliver the boats to the launch site and provide maps of the river, safety equipment, and paddles. You can paddle to "Beach Island" where a lot of boaters stop to picnic, swim, and play volleyball etc. There is a rope swing over the water on one of the islands. More Info


What fun we have at campfires. Tell spooky stories and enjoy the spectacular sunsets over the Mississippi. Bring some S'Mores. Stargaze around the campfire. You will probably see meteors if you come on the following nights: Jan 3-4, Apr 21-22, May 4-5, July 28-29, Aug. 11-12, Oct. 8-10, Oct 20-21, Nov 11-12, Nov 16-17, Nov 25-27, Dec 13-14, Dec 21-22. Meteor showers generally last for weeks, but these are the peak viewing dates for 2022. The dates for peak viewing are generally the same each year. Wrangler Roger has been practicing songs on his guitar. If you'd like some live music just ask.

Wagon Wheel

Ask about Harry the Hairy Ape and Roger will tell you a scary story that ends with everyone smiling. If you are into fairy tales, Roger can tell the story of how Sir Thanks a Lot saved the Fair Maiden. If you like those stories ask about Quasimoto's replacement. Your kids can make up their own stories and hone public speaking skills in an encouraging environment. In winter we sometimes have campfire using a portable electric heater in the lobby instead of a fire outside.


We have five bicycles available for guests to use to ride to Galena, or just around the area. Liability waiver required. Bikes may be rented for $10 per bike for up to 4 hours, or $20 per bike for all day.


Some folks like to do chores on their vacation. If you would like to muck stalls, feed the animals, stack hay bales, fix a fence, or chop firewood let me know and I'll try to give you the opportunity.


Father's day Weekend in June is normally free to fish for everyone. Check with the Dept. of Natural Resources to be sure.

Children under 16 can fish without a license in Illinois any day of the year.
See 2022 Illinois Fishing Regulations.

We have fishing gear to rent for $10 per day. You can get bait at Galena's Walmart Superstore.