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Mini Dude Ranch - for the Family

Dude Ranch & Farm Stay

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Horse & Critter Petting - free for resort guests.
Horse/Pony/Unicorn rides and canoe/kayak tours - 20% off for resort guests.

To make a reservation for pony ride or canoe/kayak

first schedule it with Wrangler Roger and then go to Payment page and pay for the event.

Children Love Horses

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We rent out two bunkhouses inside the equestrian center.
BH 3 - 3BR, 2BA, kitchen, din/liv rm.
(1300 sqft, sleeps 8).
BH 2 - 2BR, 2BA, kitchen, din/liv rm, and a family room.
(1300 sqft, sleeps 6).
Both bunkhouses have views of Mississipi river sunsets, pastures and indoor riding arena.

Pure, Great Tasting Well Water

Our tap water far exceeds standards. The annual test on 12/5/22 revealed no bacteria and less than 1 mg/L of nitrate. It doesn't get much better than that. The limit for bottled drinking water is 10 mg/L.

Don't take my word for it: 18 miles away - Dubuque IA won a World Competition for best tasting water in 1997.

Pony Rides - Horse Petting

Bring your kids. We have Horses, a mini horse, goats, dogs, a mini pig, chickens, ducks, guinea pigs. (200 lb. wt. limit).
(No Trail Rides).

Gift Certificates

Print yourself.
No discount.
Just something to give someone special to get them excited about coming.

Liability Release

To go into horse enclosures or to rent bikes/kayaks/canoes we require a signed liability release: Liability Release Form

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Click the link above to see clips of our critters doing the things they do around the ranch.

Our Herd of Horses
Bullseye, our miniature horse, is great with kids.

Horseback Riders Enjoying the Day
We allow free-rein rides and multiple riders for folks taking lessons with us. Inquire about pricing for lessons.

Stay at our Farm Ranch to Enjoy Galena
If you are an animal lover this is a place you will feel comfortable. Our horses can become unicorns for a small fee.

Stay at our Farm Ranch to Enjoy Galena Our buckskin looks just like the animated movie star Spirit.

Our Herd of Horses
Arrive before sunset to enjoy watching horses graze as the sun sets over the Mississippi river.

Our Herd of Horses
Wraingler Roger attempts to be cool, but misses the mark. Proper dapping technique is demonstrated by the young rider.

Stay at our Farm Ranch to Enjoy Galena
We'll help you set up and capture great pictures of your kids.

canoe and kayak tours Thousands of lilly pad flowers bloom mid July - mid Sept.
See them up close by Canoe or Kayak. Spring through mid summer the birds sing lovely songs to us. Stop paddling and listen to their songs. Late summer the insect sounds begin to drown out the birds a bit. The view is spectacular all year. Play volleyball and bring a picnic lunch to RnR beach island - 40 minutes from launch site.

Country girl

petting zoo

Beginner Horseback Riders are our specialty
We don't do trail rides. Our focus is on children and beginners. We ride one horse at a time, one rider at a time, very slowly, and safely.

Moms and Dads can ride too
Moms and Dads can ride too (max 200 lbs).

horse petting
The rest of the group can take pictures and pet the miniature horse, 2 goats, 3 dogs, and mini pig while they wait for their turn to ride. Before or after the riding is done you can pet our horses, miniature pigs, chickens, ducks, guinea pigs, and snapping turtle.

Spectacular Sunsets are Common
Safety is our first priority, followed closely by our second priority - fun.

Wraingler Roger takes a selfie.

Wrangler Dad
Floyd Wesley Burton, my 90 year old Dad, helped on my grandfather's, 13,500 acre ranch near Vaughn New Mexico. Photo taken circa 1949. Dad spent a lot of time on horseback before he joined the Air Force. We had a few head of cattle on our 20 acre ranch but we loved riding allover our neighbor's 1,000 acre property in Laytonville California. I traded my horse for a Marine Corps fighter jet and got away from ranching for a spell. Now, I'm trying to help city folk get a feel for the wild west in a controlled and safe environment. I'm having a lot of fun doing it too. Dad was the youngest of 13 kids and my Mom, Elinor Glynn (Tilly) Burton, was the oldest of 13 kids so I have a lot of cousins scattered all over. I try to welcome visitors as I would distant cousins. - Wraingler Roger.

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of our family visits to the Neckels' ranch in Laytonville California. Pictured here are part of my family and part of our friends' family. From left to right:
Roger (me - #3 of 5 Burton Boys)
Billy (#1 of 4 Neckels kids)
Eva Neckels (Momma Neckels)
Shawn (#5 of 5 Burton Boys) RIP
Elinor Burton (my Mom) RIP
Brenda (#3 of4 Neckels kids)
Floyd Burton (my Dad)
King (The Austrailian Shephard who found his way home) RIP
Rosalie (#2 of 4 Neckels kids) RIP
David Neckels (#4 of 4 Neckels kids)
Not pictured are: Glenn (#1 of 5 Burton Boys) RIP
Tommy (#2 of 5 Burton Boys)
David Burton (#4 of 5 Burton Boys)
Cecil Neckels (Neckels Dad)

Eva would play piano and we'd all sing songs together. My mom loved to sing. Her CB radio handle was "Songbird." She led singing in our little country Baptist church. We would often get up to the front of the church as a family and sing together - Classics like "The old Rugged Cross," and "I'm So Glad I'm a part of the Family of God." I can still see and hear my mom singing those hymns in front of all 35 of us in our little country church. I remember pastor Jimmy Warren and pastor Eddie Holcomb. Pastor Jimmy's son became pastor of a big church in Lake Forest California.
Billy Neckels became a helicopter pilot in the Army and then flew logs out of remote places for lumber. I hope he gives me a ride sometime. Billy's dad, Cecil, flew a Piper Cub out of his ranch. He landed and took off on a hillside with a 5 degree slope. He took off downhill and landed uphill. He never gave me a ride. I guess I should have told him I wanted one. I flew a Cessna 172 to Laytonville once and gave my mom a ride in my airplane. It was always on her bucket list so, we checked that one off before she went to heaven. I think I learned to fly because my Mom always wanted to learn to fly. Through me, I hope she did. She is probably also the reason I learned to play guitar and love singing. Now I want to reclaim my childhood, the best part of my life. I hope my family, my old friends, my new friends, and friends I've yet to meet, will visit and help me remember simpler times.