Riverview Ranch & Resort

Horse Ranch and petting farm

Senior Visit to our Dude Ranch


Our 24,440 square foot equestrian center has a 60' x 160' indoor riding arena for rainy days.

Liability waiver required for all activities. ALL ADULTS MUST SIGN - to be allowed into any horse enclosure. If you won't sign the waiver, you won't be allowed into any horse enclosure.

To make a reservation

first schedule an event with Wrangler Roger and then go to Payment page and pay for the event.

Therapeutic Horseback Riding (THR) and Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) have been shown to be beneficial to humans.

Just being around horses can decrease anxiety, increase self-esteem, and provides "excitement without stress." The sciense is very interesting and compelling.

"Peacefully interacting with horses may move people to a heightened receptive state that enhances non-verbal communication."

"Equine Therapy and Animal Therapy are proven methods of managing trauma and lowering stress."
CBS News report - Ukranians use horses to process trauma of war.

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Come Visit our Ranch and Relive the Good Old Days

Campfire for Seniors
Watch the sunset from around a crackling campfire sitting on the tailgate of a pickup or our comfy chairs. Live music is available from Roger That!

horses in petting zoo
Outdoor Pony Rides
Lunch With The Herd. Walk among and pet our horses while they calmly finish their lunch then sit with them and finish yours. Box lunches are available if ordered in advance.

blue eyed horse Just hang out with horses. Watch the sun set over the Mississippi river while you feel the heartbeat of your favorite horse.


No Open Toe Shoes in the Horse Enclosures!!!!!!

This 3 min video shows what you can expect when meeting the horses and goats in the pasture guided petting zoo. We no longer allow open toe shoes near horses. This video shows why. Bring shoes that will protect your toes. Seriously folks, don't wear open toe shoes around horses! You're going to want to keep your toes. Wrangler Roger never wears open toe shoes near horses. Neither should you.

Another safety tip: Don't walk behind a horse unless you know the horse and know what you are doing. Our horses are very calm and do not show any aggression towards humans but we want all our guests and visitors to leave here with a healthy respect for a horse's powerful kick. Until you learn the signs that a horse is about to kick, you should stay away from its backside.

Liability Waiver
When you enter the barn you will see a poster of the Illinois Equine Activity Liability Act
Guests and visitors are not allowed in the barn or any of the horse enclosures unless escorted by a wrangler.

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