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Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot

Bring your cowboy boots, cowboy hat, and camera for a fantastic opportunity to recreate some authentic cowboy pictures.

If you have your own outfits you should bring them. We have some old well worn chaps that will make great photos. We also have spurs, some cowboy boots, bandanas, and some other articles of western clothing that you can use for your photo shoots. Bring what you have and we'll mix and match.

We have Horse Tack and Background

We can put together fully outfitted horses for photos.
Photo Shoot We do not have model T's for the background but we can put together a great backdrop for such a photo.

Photo Shoot Get a photo of your little wrangler ready to ride. Ask about our little tyke wrangler outfits.

Halloween Photo Shoot We plan to paint our black horse, Valiant, so she looks like a skeleton horse. Bring your Halloween costume and get photos of your scary self riding on the skeleton horse. If you are an artist and would paint the horse skeleton for us, we'll waive the fee for the photo shoot. Rogerangelo is on assignment restoring an ancient work of art. He may not make it back in time to paint Valiant so we might have to get Redneck Roger to do it.

We have some cowboy hats and other gear for you to wear

Photo Shoot
Billy The Kid on the left. Lookalike on the right?
Do you look like Billy the Kid?

Photo Shoot Here is a photo of Rogers' oldest brother, Pioneer Glenn, taken at a dress-up photo studio. Let's play around with your photo to make it look like it was taken in the 1800's too.

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